Red Bull Studio Collectives - London 2016

I curated a series of three collaborative exhibitions  for Red Bull Studios, which took place in three separate East London Venues.

 I also designed and the logo and Branding for the event. 

Film & Editing by Buster Grey-Jung

Leif Podhajsky x Eva  Papamargariti

Alice Dunseath x Matteo Mastrandrea 

Netta Peltola x Hortense Duthilleux

Red Bull Curates [Watch This Space] - Brighton 2014

I was approached by Red Bull to curate a live street art project in Brighton in collaboration with The Laine Pub Company. Where I found 5 artists to work across 5 different Laine Pub venues. 

Will Vibes x The Mash Tun

Mr Christa x The Marlborough Pub & Theatre

Emily Evans x The North Laine Pub

Abi Overland x The Victory

Rosie Woods x The Western Front